My name is GIULIETTA and I'm 9 years old.

My hobbies are minivolley and playing the guitar.

I love English very much!!!



The Legend of Zorro




Sergeant Pedro Gonzales and his soldiers are in the tavern. They speak about Zorro. Zorro is a man with a black mask, black hair and dark eyes. He helps the natives and the poor. Don diego Vega arrives, his clothes are wet. He is a friend of Sergeant Gonzales. Don Diego thinks that Zorro is an honest man. Don Diego goes away and Zorro arrives at 7 p.m. Zorro wants to punish Sergeant Gonzales because he beats the natives. Zorro and Sergeant Gonzales fight and Sergeant Gonzales's swoard falls onto the floor. Zorro draw a "Z" on Sergeant Gonzales's shirt. Then he jumps out the window. The next day Don Diego visits Don Carlos and he asks to marry his daughter, Lolita. Lolita is yung and beautiful. She is tall and she as got brown hair and dark eyes. Don Diego meets Lolita and says: "I want to marry you and your father approves". At the begining she is happy but then dosent want to visit her sou she get angry. Don Diego goes away and Zorro arrives in the patio. Zorro asks Lolita if he can kiss hes hand and Lolita runs away into the house. Lolita likes Zorro. Zorro visits Don Carlos family: he wants food and drink. Capitan Ramón arrives and he wants to arrest Zorro. Capitan Ramón and Zorro fight and Zorro injures Capitan Ramón's shoulder. Zorro rides away and Capitan Ramon asks to Court Lolita.



Don Carlos says: "Yes, but olso Don Diego wants to court Lolita and Lolita must choose her husband. The Governor wants to arrest Zorro but Don Diego wants to protect Lolita and her family and he invites them to his house. Don Carlos is happy because Don Diego wants to protect Lolita. Lolita goes to Don Diego home. One evening she is in the library an she reads books aboute love, passion, adventure and heroes. Suddenly Capitan Ramon arrives and he wants to kiss Lolita but Lolita doesn't want to kiss him. Zorro arrives in the library and kiks Capitan Ramon out of the room. Then Zorro and Lolita Kiss.


Capitan Ramon goes to the presidio and calls Sergeant Gonzales because he wants to see the Pulido family in prision because they are traitors and Zorro's friends. Zorro arrives and says: "I want to see you in prision don't hurt the Pulido Family". Don Diego arrives and sees the magistrate that wants to punish poor friar Felipe. Poor friar! Later Don Diego goes home and speaks to his father and speaks about Lolita. Don Alejandro, Don Diego father says: "You must speak about love and play te guitar". A grupe of man look for Zorro they are magistrate's friends. One evening the men are in the tavern with the magistrate when Zorro arrives and says: "Friar Felipe is an honest man and you must whip the magistrate 15 times. One of friend punish the magistrate.





Zorro goes away and the men look for Zorro and eat in the Vegas Hasienda. Don Diego arrives and say:" I go to bed". At midnight Zorro arrives and he speacks to the men of principles and the men decide to help Zorro to help the poor, the natives and the friars. Their new name is "The Avengers". Capitan Ramon wants to arrest the Pulido Family because they are Zorro's friends. A group of men arrest the Pulido family. Don Diego don't want to see the Pulido family in prision. At midnignt Zorro and the Avengers meet at the lake to help the Pulido family to escape fron prision. Zorro and Lolita goes to the Friar Felipe's Hacienda. Zorro visits the Governor and says: "Capitan Ramon you are a liar the Pulido family aren't my friends. Capitan Ramon says "you are right I'm a liar". Capitan Ramon and Zorro fights and Zorro kills Capitan Ramon. During the Zorro escapes with Lolita and the Governor pardons Zorro. The governor asks: "Now you are free but who are you? Zorro takes off his mask and behind the mask there Don Diego Vega.





Every-body is HAPPY!!

The End