Hi, my name is FEDERICO, I'm 8 and I want to tell you the story of



The Wizard of Oz



Dorothy is a young girl and she lives in Kansas, in the U.S. She lives with aunt Em and uncle Henry.


Everything in Kansas is grey, there are no trees or flowers.


In Kansas there are a lot of cyclones every year. One day Dorothy is blown away with her house and her dog Toto. When the Cyclone stops Dorothy opens the door and sees a new

country, its name is The Land of the Munchkins. The country is very green, there are a lot of trees and flowers.


The Witch of the North-a good witch- says to Dorothy:


-We're very happy because the Wicked Witch of the East is dead, so now there is only one Wicked Witch: the Wicked Witch of the West-


The Witch of the North gives to Dorothy the silver shoes of the Wicked Wich of the East: they are magic.


Dorothy wants to go home, the Witch of the North says:


-This is the Land of Oz: you must go to the yellow brick road and then go to the Emerald City and speak with the Wizard of Oz: he can help you.- Then the witch gives to Dorothy

a kiss on her forhead to protect her. Dorothy starts walking and meets the Scarecrow.


The Scarecrow can speak and decides to speak to the Wizard of Oz because he wants a brain. He starts walking with Dorothy.


In the evening the Scarecrow and Dorothy sleep in a little house.


In the morning they go out of the house and see the Tin Woodman. He can't move and asks Dorothy: -to give him some oil.


Dorothy goes to the Tin Woodman's house to take him the oil can. They put the oil on his arms and legs so the Tin Woodman begins to move.


Sometimes the Tin Woodman gets wet in the rain and this is bad for his tin body.


The Tin Woodman asks them:


-Who are you and where are you going?-


She says:


-I'm Dorothy and he is the Scarecrow. I want to go back home in Kansas and he wants a brain, so we're going to the Emerald City where the Wizard of Oz can help us.


The Tin Woodman wants to go with them to ask a heart to the Wizard of Oz.


They all start walking along the yellow brick road. Suddenly a lion comes out from the trees and roars to Toto. Dorothy hits him on the nose with a basket because she's afraid for

her dog. The Lion is afraid too. Lions are brave but he is a coward.


Dorothy tells the lion to go with them, so the Wizard can give him courage.


Suddenly, they have to cross a big river but the Lion is afraid to jump across the river. The Scarecrow tells him he is a strong lion and he can take them on his back one by one. So

the Lion jumps across the river.


The four friends arrive in the Emerald City and meet a little man. The Little man says:-You must wear this green glasses and the Wizard of Oz wants to speak with the girl first.-


Dorothy meets the Wizard: he is a big head. He says to Dorothy:-What do you want? And Dorothy: -I want to go home to Kanasas -And the W. - You must kill the Wicked Witch

of the West- From the Wizard the Scarecrow wants a brain, the Tin Woodman a heart and the Lion courage. For Dorothy the W. is a big head for the S. it is a beautiful woman

for the T.W it is a monster and for the lion it is a ball of fire.


The four friends leave the Emerald City to find the Wicked Witch of the West.


When the four friends arrive in the land of the Winkies there are fourty Winged Monkeys and they break the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow and take the Lion into de witch's

palace. Dorothy becomes a prisoner and must clean the Witch's kitchen.


The witch takes one shoe from Dorothy and D. is very angry and takes a bucket of water and throws it to to the Witch and she dies.


The W.W.W. had a magic whistle and now Dorothy can use it with the monkeys. The monkeys free the Lion, make the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman again. Then they take the

four friends to the Emerald City.


Dorothy blows the magic whistle and the Monkeys come to carry all the friends to the Emerald City. There, the little green man gives them the glasses and takes them to the

Wizard's room but no one is there because the Wizard of Oz is everywhere but nobody can see him.


The Wizard of Oz must keep his promise because Dorothy and her friends killed the Wicked Witch of the West. Dorothy wants to go home, the Scarecrow wants a brain, the Tin

Woodman wants a heart the, Lion wants some courage.


The wizard tells them to come back the next day but the don't want, the Lion is angry and he roars.


Toto, afraid of the Lion hits a screen, behind this there is a little old man with no hair. He is Oz the great. Each friend saw the wizard in different ways. Dorthy saw him as a big

head with no body, the Scarecrow has a beautiful woman, the Tin Woodman as a monster with five arms, five legs and five eyes, the Lion as a big ball of fire.


The little man says: - You're all wrong. I'm the wizard but not the real one.- The people think I'm a wizard because I come from the sky, I'm from Kansas too, I travel in hot-air

ballons. I live in the Palace and no one must see me. They must think I'm the real wizard.


The Scarecrow takes off his glasses and he understands that in the Emerald City everything is a trick: everything looks green because everyone wears green glasses.


The little man says:-I can't do any magic so I can't help you-I'm not a bad man but only a bad wizard. I know I must keep my promise, come back tomorrow.


The next day the little man keeps his promise and he gives to the Scarecrow a brain, to the Tin Woodman a heart, to the Lion some courage and he promises to Toto and Dorothy to

take them to Kansas in his hot-air ballon but the rope breaks and the ballon goes in the air without Dorothy and Toto. The little man sys:-Go to the land of the Quadlings.-


Dorothy blows her whistle and the Winged Monkeys arrive and toke Dorothy to the land of the Quadlings. The Q. are short and wear red clothes. The Queen of the Q is the good

Witch of the South.


The witch says to Dorothy:- Your shoes are magic click your heels three times and say: "I want to return home to Kansas".


The Scarecrow becomes the king of the Emerald City, the Tin Woodman becomes the king of the Land of the Winkies and the Lion becomes the king of the forest.


Finally Dorothy goes back to Kansas and she is very happy.