Hi! I'm Veronica and I'm 10 years old. This is my story!




Wendy, John and Michael live in London. In their house there is a nursery. The children have got a dog. The dog’s name is Nana. Nana is the baby-sitter of the children. The children’s

surname is Darling.  One evening Mrs and Mr Darling must go out. Suddenly Mrs. Darling sees a young boy outside the window.

The boy’s shadow falls on the floor and Mrs Darling puts it in a drawer.

The Darlings go to the party. The children are sleeping. Suddenly a small ball of ligh enters the room: it’s Tinker Bell. After one moment Peter Pan arrives. They look for Peter’s shadow.

Wendy wakes up and sees Peter Pan. They make friends and Wendy sews his shadow to his feet. Peter says thank you to Wendy and tells her about Neverland and the Lost-Boys.

Peter Pan is a young boy; he doesn’t want to grow up. The Lost Boys are children without a family. Tinker Bell is a fairy. They all live in Neverland, Neverland is a magic island.



In Neverland the are pirates, mermaids, Indians and the Underground Home that is the house of the Lost Boys and Peter Pan.

Peter says to Wendy he must return to Neverland and Wendy wants to go with Peter. So she wakes up John and Michael Peter gives to the children the magic powder to fly. Wendy,

John, Michael and Peter fly to Neverland.

When they arrive there Peter presen to them the Lost-Boys. Suddenly they hear the voices of the pirates they are walking in the forest. The name of pirates’s captain is James Hook

because one crocodile eat his arm. The crocodile has a alarm clock in the stomach!

“Tic, tac, tic, tac! Captain Hook hears the alarm clock and run away whit a pirates.



Soon some Indians arrive in the forest, Tiger Lili is a Theyr leder. Is a beautiful girl and she loves Peter. The Indians go away and the Lost-Boys return to play.

Lily sees a white bird in the sky and Tink says to shoot it. Bat it is Wendy and she fells down.

The Lost-Boys, Peter, John and Michael are worried but Wendy is ok. They go home and Wendy becames their mather. Wendy tell stories of Cinderella.

The children go to the Mermoid’s Lagoon. The children see Tiger Lili prisoner of the pirates in aboat. The Lost Boys, John and Michael swim again while Peter imitates captain Hook’s

voices and saves Tiger Lili with Wendy, Captain Hook is furios. Peter and Hook fight and Peter wins. Then Peter and Wendy fly away with a kite. The Underground Home is a secret

place the Lost –Boys live there with Peter. Wendy and Peter play with the children. But one night Wendy tells the storie of her family she wants to go home. Peter is angry but the



Lost-Boys want to go to London with Wendy John and Micheal. Everybody say bye to Peter. After the pirates captur the kids. The pirates take the children to the Jolly Roger, the

the pirates’ ship. The pirates wont that the kids walk the plank or tow children can become pirates.

Michael and John really don’t want to be pirates. Captain Hook is very angry and he wants that the children walk to the plank.

Wendy is sad she lovley John Michael and the Lost Boys. The children don’t walk to the plank. Captain Hook listen: “TICK, TOCK” he runs in his cabin because the crocodile wants he.

The pirates want that children walk to the plank. Suddenly arrive in the ship and save the children.

Captan Hook are furios and faith with Peter Pan bat not wins. The childre go to home.



The Darling are desolate but the children are in the nursery and their parent are happy.

Wendy, John and Michael tell to Mrs. Darling their story and she says that all spring the have possibility of go to Neverland.